The Egyptian Empire

Totenmaske von Tutankhamun (c) W.Wolny

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptian Empire emerged on the banks of the Nile. In the history books, the ascent of the Pharaohs is dated to 2686 BC. In this specific year, the little kingdoms in Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were united into one big empire. For three-thousand years the Pharaohs ruled and shaped humanity more than any other civilisation before or after. What of old Egypt fascinates us the most today? Is it their great pyramids, their writing system, their mathematics or their mysterious beliefs of death and rebirth? Find out how many of Africa’s secrets are hidden in the history of the Pharaohs.

Narmer (c) Keith Schengili-Roberts

The beginning of the Pharaoh Empire
Schiffer am Nil (c) wikicommonsThe Nile River – the lifeline of Old Egypt
Hieroglyphen (c) uni bonnThe Egyptian Hyroglyphes
Ägyptische Schiffer (c) wikimediaThe Old Empire
Tempel von Luxor (c) The Middle Kingdom

Tutanchamun auf dem Thron mit seiner Gemahling, darüber Gott Aton als Sonnenscheibe (c) wikimedia

The New Empire
Pharaonenkopf in Tempel in Theben (c) Emmanuel Pivard
Slaves created Egypt’s wealth
Anubis (c) Jeff DahlWhat did the Egptyans believe?
Statuette des Taharqa (c) NeithsabesThe Black Pharaos
Maat (c) uni bonnThe End of the Empire

Fischen auf dem Nil, Malerei aus dem Grab von Usheret (c) wikicommons

The Life in Ancient Egypt