Slaves created Egypt’s wealth

 Ägyptische Soldatenfiguren aus Holz, Grabbeigabe aus dem Grab von Mesehti (c) UdimuThe Nubians were among the peoples the Egyptians conquered. The prisoners of war were deported to Egypt and forced into slavery. There were used in the construction of the pyramids, temples and city layouts. The Nubians worked on the fields as well as as house slaves. However, they were able to live together in villages. Some of them were even allowed to return home later on. From Nubia, the Egyptians obtained gold, grains, fruit and pelts. The pharaohs of the New Empire behaved like a colonial power towards the Nubians. In Egypt’s Late Period, the Nubians turned the tables. They conquered Egypt and ruled the entire empire for a time period of a dynasty.