Take part

Nothing tells more of a country or a continent than its stories and arts. That's why we want you to join us and share your stories and art works.

You want to write?

Schreibendes Kind

Browse in the books on our website or read the fairy tales. Find your favorite story or book and write, what you like about it. You'd rather read your favorite story or fairy tale aloud? You can read it like a professionel  and record it as an mp.4 or ogg. file and send it to us. We will contribute the best contributions.

You'd rather paint a picture?

Kinder beim ZeichnenTake your crayons and let go. Your parents or sisters and brothers may help you scan your drawing and mail it to africa-junior.com.

Write a report

In einem Kindergarten in Ghana

Is there an Africa day in your school? If so, send us a report about the day, best with photos or drawings. Have you ever been to Africa? Have you written a journal on your trip and want it to share? Send it to us.

Tell about yourself and your country

Jungs in einer Schule in Ghana

Do you come from Africa or are your parents coming from Africa? Write about your country. Your Your post will help us to better understand your country. You can send your report as audio file, if you like.

Who can take part?

africa-junior.com is a kid's portal, but according to African traditions we want to encourage all of our visitors to take part in a better understanding of Africa. The only exclusion is, your report must be appropriate for children. Send it to info@scala-z.de

We see forward to your contributions, writings and art works.