The Bushpilots

You want to become  a bushpilot? Don't hesitate, team up with Shari and join the Flying Zebras. What to do first? Absolve the basic test to obtain the pilots license, then you will become a member of Shari's crew the Flying Zebras. From the base camp in the middle of southern Africa she sends you out on adventurous missions across Africa. The tasks take you on an exciting journey through deserts, savannas, swamps and tropical forests. You are helping to rescue people and animals. Guides you will find along the way who help you orientate en route. The diverse missions are inspired by the real tasks of bushpilots, committed to protecting animals and nature. You will be sent to complete emergency missions such as helping a group of researchers lost in the Sahara to find water; or to rescue gorillas in danger. On these missions you must overcome unexpected challenges and pass unusual tests. Maps and information about regions, countries and animals you will find in your log book, along with the results of your adventure so far, which can be documented using photos. While on mission you can discover the fascinating African wildlife, visit hotspots and experience the beautiful African landscapes.

Discover the true Stories of The Bushpilot-Game

Rorogi, das Elefantenbaby mit etwa fünf Monaten (c) David Sheldrick Fosterin Fund

Every mission is based on a  true story. You will fly to original  locations,  meet interesting people and help animals, that really exist. Yes, the orphaned elephant Rorogi, you will meet on your mission, does exist! She lives in the nursery of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. You can see her on the photo on the left, which shows her at the age of 5 months. Her fate has inspired us to develop The Bushpilots.

Tip: The game is in German language, so you may want to read the Game rules and behavior guidelines for The Bushpilots first.

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