Infos for Parents is a webpage for young explorers, who want to learn about Africa in a playful way.

Africa for the little Visitors

For youngsters, who aren’t able to read yet, we suggest listening to African fairy tales, music and videos on animals. On the continent map, the little ones can discover people, animals and sights, and thus, intuitively explore Africa.

Africa for Explorers 

We inspire children capable of reading to discover Africa themselves. Through the interactive maps of Africa and our media library with videos, fairy tales and books, every user can approach Africa the way they like. We show the fascinating sides of Africa, yet do not hide its down sides. The children are supposed to find out themselves what they regard as valuable and how they can later contribute to save Africa and its unique culture and animal world. 

Africa for gamers

We invite you and your children to participate in the game “The Bushpilotes”, fly through Africa and complete the exciting missions of the Bushpiloten.

We care about Youth Protection 

As a publishing company we are sensitised of the risks and dangers of the internet. Therefore, we have paid extra close attention to our compliance with young protection regulations.

We look forward to your Feedback

We are thankful for critiques, stimulations and suggestions. Are you from an African country? We always happily welcome information about your home country, suggestions for African recipes or fairy tales, as well as your own travel experiences, preferably with photos or videos. We look forward to hearing from you!