The Queen Sheba and her modern sisters

The Ethiopians are proud of their history dating back to the Queen of Sheba. She lived in the 10th century BC in Aksum. Her son Menelik founded the Kingdom of Abessinia, which marked the beginning of Ethiopia. Ethiopian kings ruled the country until 1975. Even the last Ethiopian ruler derived his origin from this Queen of Sheba. Despite this important female figure at the beginning of its history, Ethiopia was ruled by men for thousands of years. They made the laws, waged wars and determined the lives of women and children.


Äthiopien hat eine Präsidentin und ein neues Kabinett

This could change now! In this once patriarchal country, a woman has been at the helm since the end of last year: Sahle-Work Zewde. She was unanimously elected the country's first female president. Does she have the most power in the country? No, because she mainly has representative duties. But as President, she can signal that women will have a say in Ethiopian politics in the future. She is supported by the cabinet half of which is made up of women. This concentrated women's power will ensure that much will change in Ethiopia in favour of women and girls. Women now decide about the military, the police, the secret service and much more. This is new for Africa and new for the whole world. The women want to promote equal rights, work for peace between the different peoples of Ethiopia and improve education for girls.


We wish Sahle-Work Zewde the very best and hope that she will make the world a better place for girls and women in Ethiopia.


Angelika and the afrika-junior's team

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