Music Clips

Traditional African InstrumentsTraditional African Instruments.   

This short video shows some of the traditional African instruments, that are in use since hundreds of generations. Some of the instruments are very special and exotic such as the drums from Nigeria, some are quite similar to those that we know such as wind instruments and xylophons. Have a look.(c)streamafrica

Watoto Childrens' ChoirOh what love - be exalted   

"Watoto" is a Christian ministry running homes, education and welfare for orphans loosing their parents due to AIDS parents, abandoned or due to war. Watoto Children’s Choir’s full length music video ‘Be Exalted’ from the brand new album 'Oh What Love'. The album is also available on iTunes. (c) Watoto Children's Choir, Länge 5 Min. 14

Ghetto KidsGheto Boys   

This performance of a group of four boys and one girl from Uganda called Gheto Boys and Eddy Kenzo is just amazing. They dance the Sitya Loss, a new dance in Uganda. They are showing their talent and their happiness of being Africans. (c)DjDinTV Uganda Music Videos