The beautiful Meküküi

Nsambe lived together with his wife in a large village once. The woman had already given birth to some children for him. However, Nsambe had eaten up the children after the birth every time soon. When this had been so possible already five or six times, the woman said herself: How this man can eat only his own children "! I will go the next time far away. if the birth approaches, and not show him the child at all ". When it became time now, she ran to the woods to look for a suitable place. She found a rock cave there in which sufficient space was. Here she gave birth to a daughter and she mentioned Obelle. She got the cave ready homely and always brought the child his meal, too. When Nsambe asked her where remained the child has, then, she said it would be stillborn and she would have let it in the woods so. Because she had succeeded in the cunning, she decided to do it always now that way. When she got pregnant the next time, she went to the rock cave again and gave birth to a daughter who mentioned her to Mbui-Ekon. The third daughter, ski Ekon, was born also here. However, she called the last daughter Meküküi, this means moonlight because of her beautiful fair skin color. The woman always brought her four daughters something to eat secretly and raised her.

However, she deceived the man and appeased him if he was indignant because he did not have the newborn child again can eat. A young man who often went on the hunting in those woods lived in another village now. He reached the rock cave one day and saw the youngest daughter, Meküküi, sitting in front of the door. As captivated, of her beauty he thought: I have never seen such a beautiful girl ". I want to try to make her " to my wife. When Meküküi saw the young man, she immediately slipped into the rock grotto to her sisters although shouted the man to her: Is afraid " not! Stay, I have seen you already for a long time "!

Day just closest the, the young man went to Nsambe and spoke: "I have come to stop with you around your daughter because I love her very much." Nsambe replied there: What kind of daughter "? I have not the slightest daughter, my friend, ". The young man talked about his experience at the rock in the woods now. When Nsambe had listened to him, he decided: Well, call all your relatives over tomorrow and I also will have fetched mine so that we can clear the matter ". If it behaves so as you say, she shall become your wife. If you, however, have lied, then you will fare badly ". The young man was content with that.

On the other day he appeared with his relatives. She herbeizuschaffen let Nsambe call his wife, questioned her because of the daughter and gave her an order then immediately now. The woman went away there and came back with the oldest daughter, Obelle. However, the young man shook the head and spoke: "This one no is not it, fetch the other one." She called the second daughter but the man said again there: "No, I do not mean this one either." The woman had the third daughter fetched there but the man did not want the third one either and spoke: This is not that one which I have seen in the woods " no. You still have a daughter. The woman went there to fetch the youngest one, Meküküi, ". But Meküküi did not want to come along and said: "I do not go, I do not see any reason why I should go." The mother told her now that a young man who wants to marry her has appeared. Meküküi spoke there: Well, bowl plaited freshly he shall fill a basket bowl with pearls and armlets from brass wire, if he loves me, but a completely new " and she shall go and stand in front of my door. If I am satisfied with that, I will come ". When the young man heard this, he immediately started, bought armlets of brass wire and pearls and piled her up on a beautiful new bowl. This one he put in front of Meküküi's door and she asked to come with him now. She stepped out, radiantly beautifully like the moonlight and went with him to the village of her father there. Suddenly, they stood in front of a tree-trunk which lay crossways over the way. The girl spoke there: " till I have come along here but I will not climb over the tree-trunk unless you still fill a bowl with armlets and pearls for me. "I too only like to do this for you", the young man gave back - went and bought once again pearls and brass wire for armlets. He brought her the filled bowl and the girl climbed also over the tree-trunk there and went along up to the village. But they had hardly arrived in front of Nsambe's house, demanded her: "If you want that I shall go in and become your wife, you still must bring me a bowl full of armlets and pearls." But the man thought: I do not mind ". I like to do it ". He filled another basket bowl with pearls and brass armlets and gave her to the girl. She stepped into the house there.

However, Nsambe spoke to the young man: Is " I would, then if you had not been, welcomely to me as a son-in-law never have learned that I have daughters. Take Meküküi along to your village now. However, let her stay in the house. Only meal shall cook you, far nothing! Also take care that nobody plays with her or she mentions approximately a beautiful woman, otherwise bad will happen ". The young man also said this to and returned then with his wife to his village. Meküküi got a new, beautiful hut and was allowed to stay at home the whole day. Everything was so all right for some time around meat for themselves and his Mrs heranzuschaffen until the man must on the hunting one day again. He called his sister and gave her an order: "Has my wife left and take care that nobody gets close to her and touches her!" The nurse also promised to take care well. The man hardly was away, she got into the hut to the young woman. When she, however, had looked at Meküküi a while, she had to be touched by her beauty as the young woman so dazedly that she could not differently and admiring exclaim: "You are what for a beautiful woman anyway!" The nurse had hardly said this, however, Meküküi changed into a rotschwänzige long-tailed monkey. She climbed on the planned, from there on the higher trees and disappeared then in the deep woods first.

The man returned on this soon. He called his sister and asked her: "Where is my wife?" She answered there: Dear brother, oh, I have to report bad things ". Your wife is no longer here "! The brother was very frightened. What had happened and scolded told you to him now: She was not the slightest right person but an abominable long-tailed monkey ". How you only can mourn the loss of her ".

On the following day the man went saddenedly to his father-in-law and told him the accident. Nsambe as a substitute gave him his daughter Obelle to the woman and the young man returned with her to his village there.

If Obelle was in the field now to weed the peanut plants, she always cried loudly and complained around her sister. She was hardly able to pull a couple of Unkräuter out, too, she had to cry so much. It roared behind her one day there and her sister came into monkey shape from the bushes. She threw off her skin, changed into a man again and was as beautiful as she had been before. She spoke to Obelle: "Why do you cry around me, then, I have not died." However, the nurse answered: How I should not cry ". In the past, we have so happily lived with each other and you are an ugly monkey now. This is just so as if you had died ". However, Meküküi repeated: You see me, I am not dead ". So have crying ". She then helped at the Unkrautjäten and was so fast that everything was weeded soon and Obelle home road walk could. She but hardly made one, two, three in the trees to herself, Meküküi seized her monkey skin, changed into a long-tailed monkey and disappeared. Obelle ran home crying there. So it went every day now: Meküküi came, changed, helped to weed. But as well as Obelle wanted to go home, Meküküi disappeared despite all requests as a long-tailed monkey in the woods again. The man finally noticed that his wife came back from the field very early but always lamenting. He asked her for the reason and she told him everything. "Wait for", the man said "tomorrow I hide nearby the field and pack her if she has become a person again." Obelle agreed with that. The next day they went to the field together and the man hid near the place where Meküküi had always changed. However, Obelle went how usually to her work.

It did not last long, Meküküi came there. But instead of changing, she ran restlessly to and fro so that Obelle asked her: You have what " today, then? Otherwise you always change " here anyway? Meküküi answered: I smell something ". It another person still seems to be nearby ". But Obelle calmed her: "Oh, what, I am quite alone." Meküküi said - "good" there "anyway when you have lied, we will never again speak with each other". On this she threw off her monkey skin and became a person again.

The man had seen this which the women always burn because of the sand flies when he seized hervorstürzte, the monkey skin and threw her into the fire from his hiding-place hardly have. He tied up Meküküi now because he was afraid she would run away and took her to the village. However, Meküküi had got dumb. She could communicate by sign but no single word came more over her lips. Your husband was very sad about it. He found all medicine men of the country to seek her advice. But no-one knew a means until a man finally advised him: You must crush Mrs Planten as a meal for yours and hang up a big centipede over the pot ". If your wife sees this one, she will get and ask a fright: Who does have done this '?You then must call ' with your everybody fast: She already talks there, she already talks '!' and the spell is broken, ". So the man also did it. He crushed the planned for lunch and bound a centipede over the pot. Then he called his everybody together and spoke to his wife: "Go into the house, I have cooked meal for you."

She went in, saw the centipede, was frightened and yelled there: "Who has done this, then?" Everyone immediately called: Yes, she speaks " now! Yes, she speaks " now! and the magic was defeated, she could talk again.

Obelle returned to the village of her father. However, the two married couple was never again disturbed by sorcery and lived happily and contentedly with each other.